Sit-Kite Camp in Egypt, we did it!

The sun-drenched beaches of El Gouna, Egypt, recently hosted a special adventure – the very first Sit-Kite Camp organized by the Willem Hooft Foundation. With a mix of delightful beach vibes and serious progress, this week was a celebration of freedom despite physical limitations.

We welcomed two courageous participants, determined to master the art of sit-kiting. Both participants faced physical challenges. Robert has a spinal cord injury at chest level and can only use muscles from his chest. René has MS, resulting in limited strength in his legs. Under the guidance of our passionate instructors, Pauline and Wouter, they embarked on an unforgettable journey.

El Gouna is not only a beautiful location but also accessible and adapted to the needs of our participants. Equipped with professional sit-kite gear, they felt ready to brave the sea and develop their skills. El Gouna provides the ideal conditions for learning to kite, with calm waters and stable wind.

In addition to the instructors, Willem Hooft shared valuable tips to improve skills. His determination to overcome limitations served as inspiration for all participants.

Evenings were spent cozily in the village, sharing meals and occasionally partying at the resort. But above all, there was intensive training. At the beginning of the week, participants could only fly kites; by the end of the week, they were skimming over the water.

Very impressive!

An Invitation to the Future

After a week filled with progress, celebrations, and unforgettable moments, we now look forward to the future. With the success of this camp, we hope to welcome more participants and let them experience the freedom of sit-kiting.

We would also like to extend an invitation to new sponsors to be a part of our adventure. Your support can make a difference in the lives of people with physical challenges and enable us to fulfil even more dreams.

We are ready for a new year of sun, sea, and sit-kitesurfing! Together, we will continue to share the fantastic feeling of sit-kiting and show the world that limits are meant to be pushed.

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