The Willem Hooft Foundation makes sit-kitesurfing and sit-wakeboarding accessible for people with a physical disability.

We achieve this by organizing:

And developing:

It’s our ambition to turn sit-kitesurfing into a Paralympic sport!

Our goal is to bring the feeling of freedom and limitlessness that kitesurfing offers within reach of everyone. That’s why we are dedicated to making this sport inclusive for individuals with physical disabilities.

Through our sit-kite training program, we not only provide individuals with the opportunity to experience sit-kiting, we also share our knowledge. This enables kitesurf schools and instructors worldwide to provide safe sit-kitesurf lessons to people with physical disabilities and promote the sport further. In this way we contribute to the sport’s exponential growth. Sit-kite competitions foster the advancement of equipment and athletes’ skills. Our ultimate goal is to turn sit-kitesurfing into a Paralympic sport.

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Willem Hooft Foundation

After a motorbike accident left Willem in a wheelchair, his only wish was to get back on the water to kitesurf. However, reality proved more challenging than expected. Worldwide, only a handful of individuals with spinal cord injuries practiced kitesurfing. The equipment was not only expensive, it also came with long delivery times and had to be sourced from various parts of the world. On top of that, there were no surf schools specialized in teaching sit-kitesurfing.

Through crowdfunding, Willem successfully raised the necessary funds for the production of a customized surfboard, equipped with a seat. Collaborating with fellow kitesurfers, he acquired the fundamental skills of sit-kiting.

Today, Willem ranks among the world’s top kitesurfers and is a professional kitesurfer within the international teams of Slingshot and Wind Voyager. He travels the world to kitesurf, inspiring many to pursue their dreams. Willem gives motivational talks and encourages others to embrace change with a positive mindset. To learn more about Willem as a speaker, visit his personal website:

With the Willem Hooft Foundation, Willem aims to make water sports accessible to people with physical disabilities. He personally experienced the obstacles he had to overcome to rediscover his greatest passion. The foundation actively contributes to lowering these obstacles, by organizing sports events, developing safe and affordable surfing equipment for wheelchair users, and sharing knowledge and information. In this way, sit-kitesurfing can spread like a powerful wave across the world, positively impacting lives and (re)instills the sense of freedom for those who long for it the most.

Wheels to Waves: Wheelchair Kite Surfing

Join our fundraising event WHEELS TO WAVES DOWNWINDER / Don’t wait too long, limited spots available. Watch the video below and click on the button for more info or to register. Thank you for your support!