Blog Surfana 2020

You probably noticed that no (sports) events can be organized at the moment. But great initiatives and ideas are being worked on for the time when it is safe to get together again. Recently we have been in contact with the organization of the Surfana festival. A small-scale (and super cool!) surf festival in Bloemendaal. The festival is planned for the weekend of 4-5-6 September and perhaps the doors can be opened by then. NRPU (No Rules Party Unlimited), together with Handicap NL and the Willem Hooft Foundation, are looking into how the festival can be made wheelchair accessible. In addition to making the sandy terrain crossable, there are even ideas to offer full sleeping and accommodation facilities for disabled people, just like at the Zwarte Cross festival 2019. That will not only make it possible to attend (sitkite) clinics, but also to enjoy the festival and afterwards crash into your own Surfana Lodge!

Of course we hope that the festival can continue as planned in September. If not, we will postpone it to next year.

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